Danielle Campbell vs. Carrie Underwood

cu 101Carrie Underwood  AGE   31  Height 5’3    weights 117

cu 124Danielle Campbell   AGE 19    Height   5’3   Weight    120

Carrie KO JANA Kramer AND made Erin Andrews tap out. Danielle Made Alexa Bliss tap out and KO Selena Gomez.

Round 1: Carrie lands 3 good kicks to Danielle and 1 real good punch she try’s a head lock. Danielle uses her age advantage and speed to reverse it and starts kicking at the legs of Carrie who soon goes down to her butt. Danielle lets go and goes for the KO with a kick Carrie ducks it and takes down Danielle with a leg lock. The bell rings.

Round 2: Carrie Leg Whips Danielle and trys to lock on the submission but reverse and Carrie screams in pain. Carrie almost taps but uses her finger nails to get out clawing Danielle abs. Danielle pissed and goes to pick up Carrie mistake Carrie with a super kick to Danielle Head. She’s down 6..7..8. She’s up. Carrie goes for more strike the Bell rings.

Round 3: Carrie kicks and kicks Danielle belly but Danielle grabs Carrie Leg and takes her down leg lock but no tap out from Carrie. Danielle lets her go and a crushing kick to the stomach of Carrie she’s down. 7..8..9. She’s up but can’t catch her breath. Danielle Punches Carrie Underwood in the Gut and Kicks her in the Legs. Down She goes again. Bell

Round 4: Carrie with a leg whip to Danielle but does not work. Danielle now with a leg whip to Carrie shes in pain. Her legs are pretty much toast. Carrie grabs her leg that leaves her head and neck open. Danielle uses her legs to put a scissors hold on Carrie’s Neck. Carrie starts to turn blue she taps out and pass out. Carrie Snoring how cute.

Winner: Dainelle Campbellpop 5


Alex Morgan vs Laura Vandervoort

pop 15Alex Morgan Soccer player U. S. A.             25    5’8    136

pop 11Laura Vandervoort She’s an Actress            29    5’6    123

Laura Vandervoort beat Charissa Thompson by Submission in the first round. Alex Morgan beat Skylar Diggins by Submission in round 1.

We have a Pro Athlete  and a Supergirl.

Round 1: Both ladies try knockout kicks to start the match at the same time one connects the other one is KO’d No need to count. Laura Vandervoort blonde Hair covering her face as she lays KO’d on the mat. ALex Morgan a soccer star with strong legs for sure.


Winner: pop 15Alex Morgan by KO

Robbie Welsh vs Serinda Swan

pop 8Robbie Welsh from Shipping WARS AGE 27 Height and Weight N/A She’s Small and Beautiful

pop 10Serinda Swan She’s an Actress                 AGE 30  Height   5’7   Weight 120

Robbie Welsh KO Hayden Panettiere in the 3rd Round. Serinda Swan KO Victoria with easy in Round 1.

Round 1: Serinda Swan quickly goes for Robbie leg and takes her down. Robbie uses her quickness to escape. Serinda try’s to kick Robbie in mid roll but loses her balance and lands on her butt. Robbie See her opening Kicks Serinda in the head. Serinda  is down. The ref’s counts to 5..6..7..8..She’s on her feet and Robbie and one Punch and there’s the bell.

Round 2: Robbie see’s Serinda still wobbly with punches to Serinda gut and Serinda doubles over to her knees. Robbie goes for another kick to Swan’s head Serinda counters grabs Robbie legs into a leg lock Robbie try’s to reverse it but not going  to happen. Robbie trying to wait for the bell. But no bell Robbie Taps out.

pop 9Winner: Serinda Swan

Danielle Campbell vs. Selena Gomez Round 2

pop 4Danielle Campbell Actress             AGE 19    Height   5’3   Weight    120

pop 6Selena Gomez Actress                   AGE   22    Height  5’5   Weight  119

Danielle Campbell made Alexa Bliss tap out in 1st round of round 1.

Selena Gomez in the fastest match in round 1 she KO LANA WWE.

Round 1: Danielle starts with jabs to Selena face but none hit Selena Defense very good early. Selena uses her longer legs to kick Danielle in face but little effect on Danielle. Danielle uses her strong legs to leg sweep Selena off her feet and starts to pound Selena in the face and Shes out like a light. Danielle Campbell looks like she maybe the favorite to win this Tournament Short and strong and gorgeous.

Winner : cu 124 Danielle Campbell

Round 2 Carrie Underwood vs Erin Andrews

pop 1Carrie Underwood                         AGE   31  Height 5’3    weights 117

pop 2Erin Andrews Sports Reporters    AGE 34    Height  5’10  Weight 122

 5 three minutes rounds Win by KO TAP OUT or win the most rounds

In the first round Carrie KO Jana Kramer in round 2. Erin KO Brooke Tessmacher in Round 1.


Round 1: Erin backs the smaller Carrie into the cage and starts punching in the side and gut. Carrie looks to be in trouble but she uses her quickness to go between Erin legs and kicks Erin in the legs until Erin goes to her knees. Carrie try’s to put Erin in a leg lock and she does Erin screams in pain and she taps out just like that. WoW Shocking.

Winner: pop Carrie Underwood in a shocking tap out.

Round 2 Match-ups revealed

cu 102Carrie Underwood vs. cu 133Erin Andrews

Danielle Campbellcu 124 vs.SELENA GOMEZ Selena Gomez

Robbie Welshcu 112 vs. cu 111Serinda Swan

Laura Vandervoortcu 105 vs. cu 107Alex Morgan



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