Danielle Campbell vs. Selena Gomez Round 2

pop 4Danielle Campbell Actress             AGE 19    Height   5’3   Weight    120

pop 6Selena Gomez Actress                   AGE   22    Height  5’5   Weight  119

Danielle Campbell made Alexa Bliss tap out in 1st round of round 1.

Selena Gomez in the fastest match in round 1 she KO LANA WWE.

Round 1: Danielle starts with jabs to Selena face but none hit Selena Defense very good early. Selena uses her longer legs to kick Danielle in face but little effect on Danielle. Danielle uses her strong legs to leg sweep Selena off her feet and starts to pound Selena in the face and Shes out like a light. Danielle Campbell looks like she maybe the favorite to win this Tournament Short and strong and gorgeous.

Winner : cu 124 Danielle Campbell

Round 2 Carrie Underwood vs Erin Andrews

pop 1Carrie Underwood                         AGE   31  Height 5’3    weights 117

pop 2Erin Andrews Sports Reporters    AGE 34    Height  5’10  Weight 122

 5 three minutes rounds Win by KO TAP OUT or win the most rounds

In the first round Carrie KO Jana Kramer in round 2. Erin KO Brooke Tessmacher in Round 1.


Round 1: Erin backs the smaller Carrie into the cage and starts punching in the side and gut. Carrie looks to be in trouble but she uses her quickness to go between Erin legs and kicks Erin in the legs until Erin goes to her knees. Carrie try’s to put Erin in a leg lock and she does Erin screams in pain and she taps out just like that. WoW Shocking.

Winner: pop Carrie Underwood in a shocking tap out.

Round 2 Match-ups revealed

cu 102Carrie Underwood vs. cu 133Erin Andrews

Danielle Campbellcu 124 vs.SELENA GOMEZ Selena Gomez

Robbie Welshcu 112 vs. cu 111Serinda Swan

Laura Vandervoortcu 105 vs. cu 107Alex Morgan



Skylar Diggins vs. Alex Morgan

cu 146Skylar Diggins WNBA                            AGE 24    Height  5’9  Weight  145

cu 109Alex Morgan Soccer player U. S. A.       AGE  25   Height  5’8   Weight 136

5 three minutes rounds win by KO TAP OUT OR WIN THE MOST ROUNDS

2 pro athletes lets go

Round 1: Theses’ 2 are ready they say good luck to each other. Skylar grabs Alex’s head has a head lock on Alex but Alex Elbows to Skylar gets her out of it. They trade strikes and first rounds over not very eventful.

Round 2: Alex uses her strong legs to kick skylar in the gut and that makes Skylar take a few steps back. Alex try’s it again  but Skylar grab it and takes Alex’s down put a Leg lock on Alex as she screams in pain. She take awhile but finally gets out by punching Skylar in the face a few times. Bell round over.

Round 3: Skylar quickly kicks Alex in her injured right leg. Then a punch to the gut a one to the side before you know Alex Morgan down to her Knees Skylar try’s for another leg submission but Alex pushes her off and gets to feet. Alex Lands a big right to Skylar Diggins face, but doesn’t go down. Alex kick her with her left leg that puts Skylar to her knees. Alex Morgan another crushing punch to the face of Skylar falls to her back. 5..6 the ref’s counts the bell wow saved Skylar.

Round 4: Skylar is taken down by Alex and she put Skylar in a leg lock. Skylar doesn’t tap. Alex releases the hold goes for a haymaker and she missing Skylar doesn’t 9.. Alex is up really. Alex is wobbly Skylar swings for the fence and missing Alex ducks it. Sklyar turns around into a Heck of a Left kick to the face. Down goes Skylar the refs counts 7..8.. She’s up and their the bell.

Round 5: Final round Skylar with punches but blocked by Alex. How ever she does block the kick Alex Falls to a Knee. Skylar goes for a head Alex reverses it into a head lock of her open Skylar almost toast I think. She throw elbows to Alex but she’s out of strength and taps out.



cu 108Winner : Alex Morgan


Selena Gomez vs. LANA WWE DIVA

cu 128Selena Gomez Actress                             AGE   22    Height  5’5   Weight  119

cu 121Lana WWE Diva       AGE   29    Height  5’7    Weight 115

5 three minute rounds win by KO TAP OUT or Win or More rounds

This Match up is a cool one.

Round 1: Selena Gomez Punches to LANA belly and another to her face. She has Lana reeling and she looks to end this match before it starts and Bang a Right hand to the sexy Blondes head crashes and it over 9.. 10 the refs counts the shortest match so far 31 seconds.

Winner : in dominating fashion SELENA GOMEZ SELENA GOMEZ


Laura Vandervoort vs. Charissa Thompson

cu 106Laura Vandervoort She’s an Actress         AGE 29   Height 5’7   Weight 123

cu 139Charissa Thompson Sports Reporters      AGE  32   Height 5’9   Weight  127


5 three minutes rounds Win by KO tap out or the most rounds.

This Match looks like it could be….

Round 1: The 2 beauties shake hands Laura open the round with a number of kick to Charissa waist line. Charissa just wait for an opening she got it  when she kicks Vandervoort knee which kinda bend the wrong way cause Laura to fall to her knees and her hands holding her up. Charissa tee’s off on the ribs of Laura kick kick kick and Laura rolls to edge of the Ring no where to go Charissa Stands over Laura Face land 1 2 3  The bell for sure saved Laura here.

Round 2: Charissa back on the attacks her first punch of the rounds land on Laura’s chin She somehow still on her feet. But, wait she’s not she crashes face down on the mat the ref counts up to 6.. 7 and Laura get to her feet are you kidding me. I thought Laura was toast there, but we press on. Charissa with a new approach now she goes for the leg of Laura Moves and drops and Elbow on Charissa. She screams in Pain. Their the bell

Round 3: Charissa slides for Laura, but again she dodges her. Charissa left herself open to a kick to the side and an elbow. Laura puts on a Submission on Charissa stretching out the rib cage of Thompson. She does tap out she head butt Laura and gets free. She think out of no where a super kick from Laura to Charissa. Laura quickly puts a regal stretch on Charissa Thompson. She’s pretty much unconscious she taps out.

Winner: BY way of Submission cu 104 Laura Vandervoort

Serinda Swan vs. Victoria Justice

cu 110Serinda Swan She’s an Actress                 AGE 30  Height   5’7   Weight 120

cu 118Victoria Justice Actress                              AGE 21   Height  5’6   Weight 110

5 three minutes Rounds Win by KO TAP OUT or Win more rounds

This one wouldn’t last long and will not be pretty.

Round 1: Victoria with kicks to Serinda legs and punches to her as well no effect on SWAN. She just laughing and she Punches Victoria in the belly and Victoria go to her knees Serinda circles Justice waits to she straightens her back and grabs Victoria Hairs bends her back and 1 2 3 4 5 punches. The 3 one knocking her out. Two more just icing on the cake.


Winner cu 111 :Serinda Swan  

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