Carrie vs Torrie

Wrestling kickout

Ding ding… Carrie calls Torrie a no talent nothing but plastic pretend Barbie doll. You branded my booty last time because your jealous that my booty is Natural and better then you butt implants. When I get done with you tonight I will brand your booty and the smell of burning plastic will prove your fake as can be. Torrie in the corner just laughing and says are you done talking yet miss all natural. I will kick your a$$ again…. Carrie charges her drop KICK misses as Torrie moves. Torrie grabs Carrie s head swinging NECK BREAKER connects. Torrie then picks up Carrie whips her against the ropes and holy crap tornado ddt on a full speed Carrie. She goes down as Torrie pats her on the booty as says. I still own your butt Carrie it’s time you remember that. Torrie picks up Carrie hits a reverse atomic…

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