Anna vs Victoria

Fantasy face off

Victoria in the ring waiting to see if Anna will be able to compete after her injury last week. Who is this…. it’s Anna with her head wrapped up. Looks like a mummy. She stumbles down the ramp. Literally rolls into the ring. Tries to stand up but can’t. Then pulls herself up using the ropes. The ref asked Anna if she can go. She says yes ring the bell. Ding ding… Victoria looks at Anna who can barely stand up. Victoria says I don’t need to this as she gets out of the ring. Anna demands a microphone and screams Victoria get your 2 dollar a$$ back in this ring. Jessica and Lais I’m hoping your watching this. As Victoria slides back in to the ring. Victoria full speed rear view at Anna. No Anna low blows Victoria in mid air. Victoria falls to the mat holding her womanhood…

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Carrie vs Ashley

Fantasy face off

Ding ding… Carrie kicks Ashley in gut doubles her over. Carrie jumps her back sunset FLIP POWER BOMB  takes down Ashley. Carrie then climbs to the top rope double leg DROP across Ashley s chest connects. Carrie then lifts up Ashley and throws into the corner. Carrie full speed Sprint drop KICK to Ashley s CHEST. Ashley immediately slumps down into the corner. Carrie now delivers a sexy Broncos BUSTER to Ashley s mug. Ashley either will love it or hate it but it looks like we will have to wait until Ashley wakes up to ask as she’s out. Carrie now spreads Ashley s legs apart and holy crap pulls her womanhood first into the steel ring post. Ashley s eyes roll back in her head. Ashley to done but Carrie is not as Carrie says I’m sorry about this Ashley but since this is your debut match I…

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Carrie vs Madison

Fantasy face off


Ding ding… Carrie comes out drop KICK to Madison. Madison bounces off the ropes comes back at Carrie big CLOTHESLINE no Carrie super kick s Madison s arm. And you see her drop funny. Madison screaming in pain. She goes to the mat still screaming holding her arm. Madison has tears her pain rolling down her face. Madison screaming my shoulder it’s dislocated. Madison gets to her feet tells Carrie to bring to on with one arm. Madison goes for a big boot to Carrie but Carrie side steps it grabs Madison  good arm holds her in place super kick to the chin of Madison. Madison slumps to the mat she’s out cold. Carrie says nice try as Carrie pushes down on Madison s chest with both hands as the ref counts Carrie sings ALL American girl to an unconscious Madison 1..2..3.. Carrie Underwood roll continues as the United…

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Carrie vs Miranda

Fantasy face off

DING ding… Carrie decks her friend with an upper cut. Then picks up Miranda and says I’m sorry about what I’m about to do to you just business. Carrie kicks Miranda in the gut x factor by Carrie drops Miranda on her nose. Oh something bad just happen to Miranda s nose. It got absolutely flattened by the all American girl. The United States champion says I’m sorry I love you as Miranda holding her face super kick destroys Miranda s face again. Luckily for Miranda she can’t feel anymore pain she unconscious. Carrie hooks Miranda s leg gives her ten love taps and kisses her on the forehead. As the ref counts 1..2..3.. Carrie is still rolling as your United States champion. Carrie no really celebrating as the medical team stretcher Miranda out of the arena to end the show. 

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